A world-renowned psychiatrist is put to the test when a mysterious patient reveals his true identity.


18 minutes


United States / Spain




Anamorphic 2.35:1


When New Jerseyan writer Vin Conzo offered me to direct his brilliant screenplay "Fifty", I felt a mix of excitement and respect. It was not an easy challenge: one single location, the difficulty of adding visual interest to the story, and having to direct two actors who would carry the entire weight of the film on their shoulders. I was incredibly lucky to find the best possible cast for the film. I also recruited a group of good friends (super talented team heads from Spain) based in Los Angeles, with whom I wanted to work for some time. Thanks to an unbelievable crew made up of people from the US, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, and Switzerland, who jumped aboard as well, I was able to produce the film.


I hope you enjoy this thrilling film and dig up the sins of your past, together with Dr. Allen, a world-renowned psychiatrist from California. After learning that her enigmatic patient Kenneth hides a secret, connected with her recent past, her life won't ever be the same.